New Work!

On April 1, 2013, I will be installing several new pieces of art at Stephanie Kantis in Highland Park Village, Dallas.  I say several because I don’t know right now how many pieces I will be able to finish by then!  I have had a few personal set backs including most recently the death of my father.  I may not have as many pieces of new work as I would like, but I will have new work! I found new inspiration from an unlikely source: my father’s funeral!  The minister, who knew my father well, said that my dad loved life and that he found joy in every day by simply being alive.   Since I had been stressing about getting ready for this art show and not being sure if I could produce enough work in the time I had, this moved me in a profound way!  I then decided to dedicate each painting I am working on to my dad and to find joy in every bit of the painting process.  I still have to occasionally remind myself not to stress, but  mostly I am free now to paint with renewed energy and a positive attitude. I believe this will be reflected in my work.  Please come see for yourself beginning  April 1st!Warm Heart


Here I am at my drafting table where I do all of the sketches I do to get a painting figured out.  I mostly use pastels but sometimes use colored pencils too.  Sometimes I will do many sketches before I get something I’m exited about.  Sometimes I get the idea in my head down on the first try!  In my blog, I will share with you some of the ideas I have when I begin concepts.  I will try to share with you what goes into a painting before it becomes “a painting.”  Thanks for your interest in my art!

Come on in and browse around!

Worlds Collide Sketch and Painting

img_0028One of  my more recent paintings, “Worlds Collide,” is shown at right in a concept sketch I did using pastels on paper.  This is one concept that came out it painting form that looks very close to the sketch.   It is good practice for me to do a sketch of a painting that is in my head before I begin work on the canvas.  The canvases I use are usually rather large.  This one is 40″x40″ and is one of the smaller size canvases that I do.  I prefer to work at least that large,  but occassionally I will do slightly smaller pieces.  When working on large surfaces it helps to have a plan.  Sometimes the concept sketch works well in large form, sometimes not.   But after I do a sketch that I’m happy with I get excited and that builds the energy neeeded to get to work!  Worlds Collide has an energetic feel to it.  It reminds me of energy forces coming together and forming something that has a life of its own.  The finished painting is shown below.

Worlds Collide