Malibu Morning


With summer here in Dallas, I am happy to be in my studio painting in air conditioning! I’m very productive in the summer! Lately I have been only doing commissioned work.  But it is nice to have the work! When I have time, I throw in a piece of my own desire and design.  Most of my commissioned work is my own vision, but with particular sizes and colors to work in my clients space.  Blue has been a predominant theme lately, as many clients are requesting paintings in ocean colors.  Also, stripes have been requested a lot.  I appreciate any guidelines I am given because I want happy customers!  When someone asks me to do a painting for them they always say “I love your work, so do your thing!” Then they request a certain size, orientation and color(s).   It is nice to have people trust me with the composition.  I haven’t disappointed yet!  Browse my site, follow me on Facebook and see if anything inspires you.  I am always open to requests!