How to Hang a Painting

When I sell a painting to a client, one of the things included in the sale is installation.  That means that I will bring the painting to the client and hang it or have some professional installers do the job. So, if you buy a painting from me, it will be hung professionally.  And, if at any time you would like a list of professional art installers, please contact me and I will be happy to give you a short list.   But, sometimes clients want to move art around, or they have purchased a piece on a trip or at an art fair and just need to do it themselves.  So, Xanadu Gallery, out of Arizona, sent their exhibiting artists a handy download to share.  It was way too big to download onto my site, so I recommend that you just click on the red Xanadu Gallery Icon on the right just under the City Art Cal badge.  You will find “How to Hang a Painting” on the blog section of their site.  Happy hanging!